Top 10 Lessons From 20+ Years as a Fitness Professional


1) You will most likely overestimate what you can do in six weeks and underestimate what you can do in 6 months.
2) Focusing on the process (behaviors) rather than the outcome (losing weight) is the key to reaching your fitness goals.
3) Skeletal muscle as an important organ that keeps you metabolically healthy. Insulin resistance starts in skeletal muscle. Focus less on the scale and more on body composition. No eighty year old has ever complained of having too much muscle.
4) Much of the fitness industry preys on your insecurities and will try to sell you products, supplements, diet books, etc. It’s important to find and follow trusted resources that don’t play into that game.
5) Obsessing over weight loss or aesthetics often results in taking actions at the expense of your overall health and well-being.
6) Focus on adding more nutrient dense foods to your diet vs eliminating bad foods from your diet.
7) Do not compare yourself to others. Also, as you get older, don’t compare yourself to your previous self. Honor where you are in this season of your life.
8) If you’re trying to lose weight you will have to create an energy deficit. There are three ways to do this:
a. Counting calories (e.g. Weight Watchers)
b. Macronutrient restriction (e.g. Low Carb)
c. Shortened feeding window (e.g. Intermittent Fasting)
When dieting you might have to pull on all three levers. To maintain weight loss you will have to work with the one that causes you the least pain.
9) You will never regret doing extra mobility or stability work.
10) Sleeping 8 hours a night, drinking more water and managing your stress might feel like cliches, but this advice has stood the test of time.